Impact Amplifier

Our Manifesto

Our beliefs and values direct the choices we make and actions we take. To build the world we want to live in our intentions and clarity must be absolute. We believe in:

Impact Amplifier

Impact Intra and Entrepreneurs

These people are the dreamers, visionaries and change makers the world needs to find new solutions to the seemingly intractable challenges we confront. These impact intra and entrepreneurs however, are often alone in their quest for change. Whether inside a large organisation or building a social enterprise we are committed to supporting this community with the skills and resources required to realise their ambitions.

Social and Ecological Justice

Although equal access to opportunity is our collective birth right independent of gender, race, age, religion, identity or country of origin, it is often not freely available nor provided. Social and ecological justice must be demanded and defended, everywhere all the time, as we believe justice for some is justice for none.

Big Risks

Change only happens when someone is prepared to be different, to voice the unheard, experiment and fail. We want to think differently, reframe ideas, challenge tradition and explore new pathways.  We believe in building a culture of risk taking within our organisation as well as with those we collaborate with and support. Our collective magnificence can only be found when we are prepared to take a chance.

Building Ecosystems

The natural world provides a clear blueprint for how all biological systems are interdependent. So too are social enterprises, intermediaries, funders and investors connected to each other performing a critical function to support one another. We have learned the impact ecosystem does not grow naturally, but through concerted and considered effort. We believe our role is to participate in building communities of organisations and individuals forming inclusive impact ecosystems throughout the African continent and beyond.


Networks and relationships are extremely valuable, as trust is a fundamental building block for collaboration and mature systems and structures. However, too often networks exclude, become virtuous circles of entrenched privilege and access. We believe in meritocratic systems where the best ideas can be heard and realised. Space for alternative voices, ways of seeing and doing must be not only allowed, but encouraged.

Becoming Our Best Selves

We value transparency, honesty, trust, compassion and empathy. These values define who we are and how we engage in the world. We believe however, none of these values are a destination where we will arrive, but a journey we are on to realise their essence in pursuit of our best selves.