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    Our Greatest Hits: 2022

    2022 has been an extraordinary year of growth for Impact Amplifier and we are incredibly grateful for our many opportunities to build the African Impact Ecosystem.

    These are what we consider to be our greatest hits for 2022:

    • We have digitised our social innovation investment readiness acceleration content and developed a new platform: Impact-OS. We have successfully piloted the platform with five acceleration programmes and over 100 businesses. Look out for the official launch in early 2023.
    • We have enhanced our climate change and adaptation acceleration efforts by supporting over 20 businesses in six countries.
    • We have expanded our impact assessment work to 10 new African countries. We are now working in over 20!
    • We are proud to have secured the second phase of our African Online Safety Fund.  We will open for grant applications in February 2023, so look out for the call.
    • We hosted the first Irish Tech Challenge South Africa, taking five businesses to Ireland to grow their collaborative and funding networks.
    • We built new ethical supply chain tools to support the integration of African suppliers into global supply chains.
    • We conceptualised a new tool for measuring small farmer impact. While still in development, we hope to launch this new, exciting idea in mid-2023.

    We believe that our sustained commitment to remaining curious about the world and how we want to live in it, is just as important as our accomplishments in 2022. We remain tireless in our pursuit of achieving social and environmental value on the African Continent and working in collaboration with our clients and you.  

    We are looking forward to 2023 and wish you all a healthy, supported and abundant holiday and New Year.

    -- The Impact Amplifier Team

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