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    Impact Amplifier Starts Capital Raising for Two deals

    Botanica is an organically certified natural skin care business in Limpopo, which produces raw ingredients as well as final products. Botanica is the only company in the world that has commercialized the extraction and usage of the indigenous South African plant, Bulbine Frutescens. In addition, it produces Moringa oil, trades in Argan oil and produces its own range of cosmetics called Timola.

    Its primary impact focus is on creating an out-grower network of small local farmers for both Bulbine and Moringa. With Moringa, its principal out-growers are schools, which grow the trees, sell the seeds to Botanica for the oil and then use the leaves in their feeding schemes as they offer extraordinary levels of vitamin A, C, calcium, potassium and protein.

    Botanica is seeking R12 million in equity investment to build a Moringa oil production facility, obtain greater market access and working capital to meet its long sales cycles. For more about the Green Pioneer Accelerator click here and for more on Botanica click here.


    Mobenzi is a mobile-first technology impact business headquartered in Cape Town, while working in more than 40 countries. Mobenzi has developed a suite of flexible mobile applications and software-as-a-service platforms, which can be rapidly configured and applied to a broad range of sectors and use cases.

    Its applications are primarily used in the health and education sectors to collect, analyse and provide the critical information required to make informed individual and management decisions.

    Mobenzi is seeking R16 million of equity capital to further develop its product base and expand its operations globally.

    Find out more about Mobenzi here.

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