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    Developing Entrepreneurial Resilience During Turbulent COVID-19 Time

    Entrepreneurs across the African continent are facing unprecedented challenges, with the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. Financial insecurity, the responsibility of caring for families and employees, the potential of social unrest, and the associated health risks this virus presents, are all affecting our psycho-physical resilience. Our ability to self-manage, be kind and make critical business decisions are all being tested simultaneously.

    There is no doubt that many of our businesses and economies are going to get worse before they get better, and thousands of businesses will go bankrupt during this crisis as certain doors, which we previously thought open, will now close. For many of us, our businesses could look very different in six-months time and we are being asked to adapt to a new normal never experienced before.

    However, this challenge presents an opportunity to work differently, make new decisions, open new doors, and build our internal resilience during the spread of this virus. Strengthening our resilience is an opportunity to work directly with our thoughts, fears, and emotions as the pressure of our life increases and even our near term future seems unknown. It’s only natural that many founders are finding themselves overwhelmed at times, with the increased pressure, of dealing with the unknown.

    Impact Amplifier, hosted by its co-founder Max Pichulik, will offer a Zoom webinar, for Southern African entrepreneurs (founders / CEOs only), to support them during this time.

    During this FREE webinar we will:

    1. Discuss some key principles for managing this crisis in our business and personal lives.
    2. Provide a framework and practice to self-manage our thoughts, feelings and emotions during this period.
    3. Share what we are feeling as founders of ventures, ask for support, and tackle any questions related to the webinar content.
    4. NOT be sharing public health information directly related to COVID-19, NOR primarily focus on business strategy directly. This webinar focuses on our underlying state of psychological wellbeing as the core of addressing our resilience.

    Details for the webinar:

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