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    Bridging the Pioneer Gap: The role of accelerators in launching high-impact businesses

    Our colleagues at ANDE (Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs) and Village Capital have just released the results of this survey taken from 52 business accelerators and investors globally, yet more specifically, operating in developing countries.

    At this nascent stage of South Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, we believe this piece of research has relevance across the 6 key areas of their findings.

    1. The Accelerator landscape: Specifically the differing models that exist, and how accelerator services are structured to high impact businesses.

    2. Pipeline and selection: The sectors impact accelerators are selecting enterprises from.

    3. Services and benefits: Outlining the range of services that accelerators provide.

    4. Accelerator networks: The role and importance of networks within entrepreneurial ecosystems.

    5. Metrics and evaluation: The data that accelerators are collecting from their clients / cohorts.

    6. Accelerator performance: The various metrics which are / can be used to measure the overall performance of an accelerator.

    To download a copy of the research, please click here

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