FoodForward SA’s Social Return on Investment: 2021/2022

FoodForward SA (FFSA) commissioned Impact Amplifier (IA) to determine the social return on investment of its multi-faceted FoodBanking model in South Africa.

The Social Return on Investment is a process of understanding, measuring and reporting the social, environmental, and economic benefits derived from all stakeholders, from specific activities, and placing a monetary value on each element. This “return” is then compared against the cost of generating the outcomes, the “investment”.

In accordance with the scope of the engagement, IA conducted a retrospective review covering the financial year to February 2022. Impact Amplifier’s SROI calculations were derived from: data provided by FoodForward SA for the period March 2021 – February 2022; publicly available information for this period; and previous SROI calculations done, by IA, for the fiscal period in 2019/20.  Some of the SROI calculations for this report were updated from interviews done with FFSA’s Beneficiary Organisations in 2020.  

The SROI process used had four stages: impact mapping, cost allocation, impact valuation, and SROI calculation. This report documents the research process, findings and final SROI.

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