Energy provisions at the base of the pyramid

Energy Provision at the Base of the Pyramid

The primary aim of this report is to provide guidance to entrepreneurs wanting to provide energy access to low-income communities.

This research paper reviews the decentralised renewable energy business models being used in poor communities, if and how they have been tried in South Africa, and the potential these models have for expansion. As firm believers in the power of the private sector to create lasting, innovative solutions to the challenges confronting the poor, this paper is intended to support entrepreneurs, researchers, public benefit organisations, government and other institutions interested in creating economically sustainable energy solutions at the base of the pyramid.

We decided to conduct this research and release this paper because South Africa has the greatest potential in Sub-Saharan Africa to make energy universally accessible. Realising this potential will only be possible however, if the public sector creates the enabling environment, entrepreneurs enter the market with innovative models, and communities are prepared to adapt to alternative solutions.

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Energy provisions at the base of the pyramid