• Ashley Daswa

  • Julian McNamara

  • Charlie Killingbeck

  • Nnamdi Ehirim

  • Molly Hallahan

  • Rakan Albarghouty

  • Justin Haley

  • Masego Valela

  • Joseph Curran

  • Nora Praher

  • Folu Okunade

  • Eric Fishel

  • Karina Shah

  • Ari Lew


  • Rory Shepard

  • Will St. Amant

  • Ben Elconin

  • Katelyn Diggs

  • Yasmin Venema

Past Fellows

  • Andreas Fransson

  • Anny Kang

  • Felix Philipp

  • Hannah Greene

  • Jo McDonnell

  • Keith Clark

  • Manuel Rosas Vázquez

  • Michel Shehadi

  • Omar Seguel

  • Salma Elhadi

  • Tessa Brock

  • Tiago Gomes

  • Trace Welch


  • “My experience with Impact Amplifier was simply unparalleled, and I am certain that I’ll refer to my time here for the rest of my career. This firm sees opportunity where others would see an obstacle, and works towards mastery where many would be intimidated. The African continent presents a complex set of problems to practitioners of social impact, but this close-knit team works towards efficiently and effectively solving them. Was such an honor to be a part of this work!”

    – Hannah Greene, 2016

  • “Working for Impact Amplifier has been one of the most exciting experiences I have undertaken. The wide range of services and solutions offered for both bootstrapped and more advanced social ventures makes for a challenging, motivating and inspiring environment. I highly valued the opportunity of joining a team with great expertise and diverse experience who were always on hand to help with anything needed. A great experience to learn about the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Africa and to immerse yourself in the wonderful, vibrant, dynamic city that is Cape Town. For sure, a unique and challenging life experience. One I’ll never forget!”

    – Omar Antonio, 2016

  • “Impact Amplifier has helped me gain valuable work experience and industry specific knowledge, which, I know, has given me a huge head-start in my career. In business; experience often trumps the books!”

    – Tessa Brock, 2016