Investment Bootcamps: The Green Fund and Climate Innovation Centre South Africa

Impact Amplifier, in collaboration with the Green Fund and the Climate Innovation Centre South Africa (CICSA), will be holding a series of investment readiness “Bootcamps” with green entrepreneurs currently being incubated by the CICSA, as well as other interested businesses.

Each Bootcamp is designed as a three-day workshop where entrepreneurs will get a crash course on how to prepare their business for investment. The CICSA, via the Green Fund, managed by the Development Bank of South Africa, has designed a special grants award programme for early stage businesses. The intention of this fund is to support businesses who need a grant to prove their idea, move from a prototype into commercial application, confirm market access or demand, along with a myriad of other requirements to get their business into a sustainable position.

These Bootcamps will be held in Pretoria, Cape Town, East London, and Durban/Pretoria. The first Pretoria workshop was held on 6-8 April and Cape Town will be held on the 9-11 May. The final two Bootcamps are still open for applications. To find out more about the programme, please Click here.