As social enterprises and impact investment are still relatively nascent in much of Africa, there are large gaps in our collective understanding about how the ecosystem functions. Impact Amplifier provides a range of research solutions to fill these voids.

Many of the reports written by Impact Amplifier for its client are confidential. However, some of these reports, as well as others commissioned internally, are available to the public. These include:

  • Landscape Mapping for Impact Measurement and Management in South Africa (2019)

    Who is measuring social impact, why and how are they doing it?
    These questions and more are explored in a recent study conducted by Impact Amplifier and Genesis Analytics.
    See the report here

  • Energy Provision at the Base of the Pyramid (2017)

    This research paper reviews the decentralised renewable energy business models being used in poor communities, if and how they have been tried in South Africa, and the potential these models have for expansion.

    See the report here.

  • Ethical Sourcing Initiative (2016)

    A supply chain impact assessment for an international food retail company, which shifted it’s entire chili production to small scale farmers in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. This report reviews how the introduction of a cash crop affected the farmers access to housing, energy, water, education, health care and food.

    See the report here.

  • Madagascar’s Impact Enterprise Ecosystem Study (2015)

    This study reviews the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Madagascar to determine the feasibility of introducing an accelerator to enhance local business capabilities and attract international investors.

    See the report here.

  • The Enterprise Development Report (2013)

    A comprehensive study exploring enterprise development strategies, practices and motivations within South Africa’s corporate sector.

    See the report here.