Ecosystem Research

As social enterprises and impact investment are still relatively nascent in much of Africa, there are large gaps in our collective understanding about how the ecosystem functions. Impact Amplifier provides a range of research solutions to fill these voids.

Finding and securing investment opportunities in Africa, which focus on or consider the social and environmental impact is a relatively new phenomenon. This infancy is within the context of a fast growing, but relatively young Impact Investment movement happening all over the world. As a nascent movement within a Continent that has just begun to test an inclusive business approach, the impact investment market place has yet to find its feet. To date, few efficient mechanisms have been created which link entrepreneurs, with viable ideas and or proven models, to interested investors.

As such, there are many gaps in the social enterprise and impact investment ecosystem at the city, country and continental scale. These gaps have created the need for research to simply understand the landscape but also to inform practice and policy.

Impact Amplifier provides a range of research solutions, at various scales, to support the knowledge gaps in the ecosystem. This can and has ranged from investment deal supply and impact investment demand in a specific country to sector based analysis regarding innovative solutions to understanding the legislative implications on entrepreneur support and funding. We have an extensive network throughout Africa putting our team in a privileged position to work across the continent.