Sustainability Institute Case Study

  • Need

    The Sustainability Institute (SI) developed the iShack, a new method of improving the quality of standard shacks by providing solar energy on a pay as you go system so that homeowners can purchase the energy they need how and when they can afford it. The iShack uses a franchise model to deliver power to individual homes. The iShack pays for the solar infrastructure and then electricity is sold through a network of iShack franchisees, which are businesses based in the communities iShack serves. The Sustainability Institute received seed capital to test this model, but did not have the funding to expand. Impact Amplifier began working with the SI during the iShack’s pilot stage.

  • Approach

    Impact Amplifier supported SI in refining its growth strategy, developing its franchise, operating and financial model, and creating a long-term financial plan. Once complete, it worked with the SI to secure the capital it required to expand.

  • Outcome

    $1.7million was raised to commercialise the model with 2,500 households in South Africa.