Responsible Sourcing and Ethical Supply Chains

Impact Amplifier supports larger companies to develop more ethical and inclusive supply chains throughout Africa.

Although the intentions are often there, finding ways to enhance the social and environmental impact of large companies can be challenging because often the skills and expertise required are not part of the core competencies of the management teams.

Impact Amplifier supports larger companies to enhance their social and or environmental impact by developing more inclusive supply chains and more broadly through strategic sustainable development interventions.

The services we provide include:

Impact Amplifier supports the creation of an enterprise development mandate, policy, objectives and plan that integrate into the company’s supply chain. As part of the strategic process, Impact Amplifier will develop financial and non-financial support mechanisms which are aligned with the mandate.
Many high impact commercial deals show potential, but require both strategy and transactional work to reach investment readiness. Impact Amplifier provides transactional and advisory services, with the aim of packaging deals suitable for investors to make an informed decision.
Impact Amplifier can provide ‘supplier readiness’ business development support, such that an SMME can absorb the additional demand from a large client.
Where necessary, Impact Amplifier can leverage its global network of investors and drive suitable capital raising for an SMME to reach ‘supplier readiness’ and ramp up to meet demand.

Although our focus is on inclusive supply chains we also offer other services regarding corporate sustainability, which range from defining social and environmental goals, creating the programmes and systems to implement them, and designing the recording and monitoring frameworks required for reporting.