Business Funding

Impact Amplifier supports high growth impact businesses to access funding from both local and international investors.

There is often a mismatch between what an entrepreneur believes their value proposition to be and what an investor believes it is. These mismatches often extend to perceptions about market size and access, financial plans, how to scale and more.

Impact Amplifier supports high growth impact businesses to align their vision and plans with those of investors through a unique investment readiness process. We provide bespoke business development services to entrepreneurs on both a one on one basis as well as through group accelerator and training programmes. Once the businesses are ready, Impact Amplifier raises grant, equity or debt based funding on their behalf from a broad range of local and international investors.

The services we provide includes:


Prior to raising capital for any business,  Impact Amplifier works with its client to prepare an investable case, which will meet the need of a private or institutional impact investor, to access capital. This process clarifies the impact, market access, financial model and pan, growth strategy and unique value proposition.


Impact Amplifier identifies and solicits suitable investment partners from its network of global Impact Investors. These range from individual and institutional grant, debt and equity funders.


Once the capital has been raised, Impact Amplifier supports the businesses we work with to scale the operations in line with its strategic planning.

Impact Amplifier entrepreneur clients typically meet the following criteria:

Clear growth potential
Demonstrable social / environmental impact
A competent and experienced management team with relevant track record
Proven concept / post revenue
Investment requirement between ZAR 2m – ZAR 100m
Typically based in Southern Africa